Boost your sales

10 tactics to boost your sales

1. Sell the sizzle not the sausage

It’s the old technique of making sure you tell your clients about the results they will have should they purchase your product or service.

I have recently read a great book that explains using ‘afters’ or sizzle to sell your products. I would recommend you take a look at it. “The Jelly Effect” by Andy Bounds.Boost your sales

How often have you heard a sales pitch which starts with the sellers company history, his or hers personal expertise and what they do, what their products are etc.

Rather than them saying “our product/service will make your company more profit this year because…”

2. Focus on your ideal customers
Once you know who your best customers or clients are, research them and find out what traits or styles make them your best client. Are they creative, from a certain business sector, of a certain size i.e. SME, or large corporate, geographical location etc.

Once you are clear what type they fit into start to target your campaigns accordingly.

3. What has worked before will work again

All too often in my work as mentor and freelance business development consultant I have found clients that where successful and used tried and tested methods that worked well for them, but they have abandoned that approach for something new.

Remember this old quote “If it works don’t fix it”

4. Deliver excellent customer service
Take a look at our article “7 Golden Rules for Excellent Customer Service

5. Under promise and over deliver
Remember that making large claims about your product and services is setting both you are your client up for disappointment.

6. Model excellence

Look for examples of what has worked for other companies and adapt what they do to fit your company, read biographies of business leaders and see what you can find.

7. Automate your follow up

I have found that the most successful of my clients have an automated sequence of communications to new clients.

If your new clients struggle with your products or services try sending them a series of 5 or 6 “tips” by email. Follow this up with a service call to gather feedback and resolve any issues. I recommend for your email campaigns.

8. Find out why people don’t buy

At what point of your sales process do you typically loose clients? Analyse your sales data and try to adapt in order to complete more sales, or retain more customers.

9. Ensure that your products or services are what people want

When you create a list of your product or service benefits make sure that are relevant to your target market (see point 2), after all its pointless promoting benefits that are of no interest to your clients.

10. If at first…

You don’t succeed try, try again. To be in sales sometimes means to be thick skinned, to take the rough with the smooth. Don’t be put off if your first few calls receive a resounding NO. Remember that it is only a NO for TODAY, and tomorrow is a new day.

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